Friday, April 21, 2017

My life in pics

I thought that you may be interested in my day to day workings on art etc and a look at my live rather than just the end stuff.  I tend to be rather shy but since I have slowed down quite a bit the work is still underway and thanks for hanging around

this is my living room/studio and this piece is a huge panel I am working on with love, a tree of life

this one I rally like, it is a painting of a Rajah, honestly the Indian culture is just so beautiful.  On my bucket list

Now this one is large and was done with my grandkids and hangs in their home.  Very talented

This was Christmas at my sons home. Gorgeous home hard working family and love them all


this is a painting my by daughter in law who is massively talented, is a pro photographer and painter...

                                                                  have a table etc right in front of my window facing south and can take picture here of developing work.

this is my new shelf for holding all my art supplies.  My partner is still getting used to paint splats on all his clothes

                                                                      My friend Diane makes these totes and have been drawing designs on them and we are trying to figure out how to sell them..have my old agent who lives in England who is interested great gal and this is one project that will take time to develop but the idea of painting on different things has always been my bag.

this was the start of the fish bowl.  Some work flows and some I just crawl

                                                              This silhouette  is of my Baby Nunny a Chinese Short haired goof who is very active and loving.

a beautiful boy